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US Center OY was founded year 1986 when a hobby turned into a profession. US-made cars had become second nature during ten years of a car oriented hobby. 

In the beginning we repaired all automobile brands, though specialized in US-cars. Matti Rautakumpu was the manager and the sole employee. Gradually we focused mainly on US-cars and due to increasing demand the staff grew to four persons.


Today we repair and service almost entirely US-made automobiles. Our customers come from all over Finland, though most of them live within a radius of 100 kms. The repair shop personnel have well over 10 years of experience in repairing, servicing and tuning US cars. They also have a considerable background of American cars. The whole staff have always driven US cars, and still do, as a hobby, and in everyday use as well.



The repair shop has two car lifts and many special testers, like Bear exhaustion gas analyzer, Snap-On computer tester, Kent-Moore air bag meter, Mac-tools fuel injection meater etc. These equipment and the high professional skills of our mechanics quarantee the best possible service and repairing results to your car!





Selling parts is a big and growing part of our business. In our growing spare parts store there are thousands of items for US cars. If we don't have the one you want, we'll get it fast, either from Finland, Sweden, or USA. We have also plenty of used parts. We'll be happy to deliver your purchases where ever you want.